Ae Ran Won

Ae Ran Won is a not-for-profit organization located in Seoul, South Korea, that supports Korean women who are unmarried and pregnant and in need of help. Ae Ran Won has grown from a single maternity home and now also helps, in separate facilities, women who are raising their children alone, women who may have placed their babies for adoption but need further support, and women who live nearby but need a safe and nurturing place to help adjust to their new lives.

Ae Ran Won has two logos, which you see on the left. In the top logo, a mother and her baby complete their preparation for self-support and good parenting. Together they are ready to journey towards a better tomorrow. In the lower logo, for Ae Ran Seumter, the two birds represent mothers who have sent their babies away, and now work to overcome their immense pain. In time, they develop the life skills needed to help them fly toward the futures of their own choosing.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Ae Ran Won is facing a major challenge and is seeking your help. Please follow this link to read a message from Mrs Sang Soon Han, the now retired Director of Ae Ran Won, under whose leadership the building restoration began.

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Our books:

Beautiful LifeDreaming a World

You can learn more about the women we serve by reading two books we have produced together with the Yeong & Yeong Book Company. These books let the birth mothers speak for themselves, telling us how they feel about their situations, and tell us also of their deep love for their children. All profits from the sale of these books come to Ae Ran Won and help us support the programs for those mothers who keep their babies. See more about the books on the Our Books page.