Ae Ran Won

A Single Mother Takes Her Child to Aeran Network Summer Camp in 2014

There were so many things going through my mind because I didn’t know what to do during the summer vacation with my daughter, Dajeong who turned 8 years old and entered an elementary school this year. I wanted to spend a little bit special summer holiday, but couldn’t afford it. In the meantime, I was fortunate to come across a notice of ‘Waterpark summer camp’ in Hongcheon, Gangwon province. It hosted by Aeranwon network with support of Hi Investment company.

Since it was not something I could usually do for my kid and I thought this would be a great chance, I applied for this and eventually had a good time with Dajeong. At the center on the departure day, wow~. 76 single mothers with children and 6 staff members of Aeran network, depareted together. I felt so pleased and grateful to the social workers who had prepared gimbab, water and refreshments for us, and made eye contacts while talking with kids throughout the journey.

When playfully splashing water, mothers were provided with rental charges for life jackets and money for snacks so that we wouldn’t feel uncomfortable with financial burdens. I was really happy and appreciate your careful concern. I had a really great time, eating snacks, taking photos and playing with her to the fullest. After playing in the water, Dajeong spent a whole day so playfully that she couldn’t keep her eyes open when taking part in the night event and eating dinner; she ate with her eyes half closed in order not to give up the pleasure of eating. How cute and lovely it was!

Mothers were so pleased to get involved in the event, thanks to all the programs set for our children. The song sung by the blind students was so good that I got comfort and courage. I was so ashamed of my attitude and behaviors while I saw them living happily even under difficult conditions. I was determined to try and work harder that night. It definitely was a time of healing and relaxing in a long time with delicious meals and pleasant music.

When moving to the lodge after the night event, my kid and I were quite surprised at such a pretty and neat place. It was so PRETTY and GOOD. As soon as we got there, I enjoyed playing in the water one more with Dajeong at the large bathtub filled with bath bubbles, and other kids insisted that they would sleep on the large bed, jumping up and down, and mothers on the floor. We mothers could watch and delightedly smile on our children.

Next morning, I slept in with Dajeong. We took a rest though the swimming pool there was good to try. It was as good a break as honey. The following schedule was to visit the animation museum, see Disney, eat ice-cream and watch “Cloud Bread”, which was fruitful.

The best part of all was that I could fill up the gap left due to a lack of time and communication by spending time with Dajeong. We became closer to each other by talking, empathizing, making eye contacts and doing things together. I’d like to give many thanks to teachers from Aeranwon and Na-Neo-Woori One family center, and those who have supported and volunteered. Thanks to you, we could have had a great time with precious memories. I love you all! ♥