Ae Ran Won

Please Help with our Reconstruction Fund!

‘We are looking for supporters who will plant love with Aeranwon.' -You can support us with one account, 10,000 Korean Won (US$10) per month, for 18 months-

Greetings from Seoul!

Hello, I am SangSoon Han, director of Aeranwon, a non-profit organization for unwed single mothers and their children, run by the social welfare foundation of Korean Presbyterian Church.

Aeranwon was first established by Mrs. Eleanor Van Lierop, a missionary of American Presbyterian Church after Korean War. Aeran was her Korean name, which means ‘to plant love’.

We help unwed single women who become mothers due to unexpected pregnancy. We help them to protect valuable lives from abortion. We support them to raise their children and to be self-independent.

In 1983, the current building was built to provide a shelter to those who had no place to stay. Since then, with sense of social responsibility to protect lives and support unwed single mothers and their children, we have been helping unwed single mothers ‘from pregnancy to self-reliance.’ It usually takes about 5 years for an unwed single mother to be self-reliant, with raising her child alone. There are now an alternative school for teen aged mothers, a single parent counsel center, and 7 living facilities under the umbrella of Aeranwon and Aeran Network. 

In 2015, we are now facing big challenges.

First, the 32 year old building now requires high maintenance and repair costs, which are increased every year.

Second, Compared to the past when most babies were adopted, 70% of the mothers choose to raise their babies, more space is required for the mothers and the babies, such as alternative school, day care center, and other space needed to raise children. The building needs to be renovated and we need more space as well.

According to the revision of the related law on the single parent family welfare in 2012, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and the Seoul City government ordered to shut down 17 facilities for unwed single mothers and children nationwide run by the adoption agencies as of July 2015. To compensate the reduced accommodation capacity, the governments decided to expand the current facilities by renovating decrepit facilities. Aeranwon will receive the funding in the amount of 2 billion Korean Won (US$ 2 million) by the governments for reconstruction.

However, the government funding is not enough, because the cost estimation is not reflecting the current market price. The minimum unit cost per Pyong (3.3m²) is 5 million Korean Won (US$5,000) and we need additional 350 million Korean Won (US$350,000) to renovate 450 Pyong (1,487 m²), including architecture design costs, construction inspection, and other expenses.  

‘We are looking for supporters who will plant love with Aeranwon. You can support us with one account, 10,000 Korean Won (US$10) per month, for 18 months.

1,000 supports can make 180 million Korean Won. We would like to ask you to join us to help young unwed single mothers who have lost their dreams and hope. We would like to ask you to participate in supporting them to receive messages of hope in their lives with warm shelters.

I would like to open their closed hearts. Their generation believes more in what they see than anything, I would like to deliver a message of hope in the physical form. I would like to provide them a good facility, where they might be able to think there is still a hope in life and they might be able to start over.

I would like to be able to provide more than what we do now. We provide a bare minimum, high school education and simple basic vocational training, just enough to survive. I would like to provide them with more upgraded quality education for more opportunities to live a better life.  

Helping the young unwed single mothers is not merely a social service, but an investment for our future human resources. I believe that these young mothers and their children will be the foundation of our society in the next 20 years. I believe if one person could rise from a fallen family, the family changes, and the society could change, and eventually the whole nation could rise as well.

Please help us help them. It would be greatly appreciated if we could have a chance to meet you and to give you more detailed information. Please do not hesitate to contact us by all manners. Please visit our website or I could be reached through cell phone #(82)-2-10-8893-1356 or email

Below is our bank account information for the funding designated to the reconstruction project:

Account Name: Aeranwon
Account No: 100-030-286486
Shinhan Bank.  SWIFT Code: SHBKKRSE
Address: 120 Taepyungro 2-ga Chung-gu Seoul, Korea

Thank you for your time and interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm Regards,

SangSoon Han
Aeranwon & Aeran Network