Ae Ran Won

Miss Mom's Hope Tree

A support program for Single Mother's independence and their children's healthy growth.

Aeranwon runs a One to One Sponsorship Program that helps single mothers raise their kids instead of giving them up. Donations over thirty thousand won can give hope to Miss Moms and their children.

* Child rearing expenses: this will support babies with milk powder, baby food, snacks, medical expenses (vaccination expenses), diapers, clothes, toys for their growth.

* Child education expenses: this will support children whose ages are from 3 to 18 with scholarship, textbooks, material, books, extra activities for their education.

* Living Costs with baby : this will support single mothers and children with living costs(food expenses, public utility charges, clothing expenses), medical expenses.

* Hope bankbooks : this will support single mothers and children with a certain amount of savings in order to prepare for housing, starting a business, educational funds.

* Expenses for Parenting Education programs: this will help single moms and their children get self-reliance by various educational programs such as parental education, job training, home management education and similar programs.

* Expenses for Case Management of social workers: Social Workers provide help by crisis intervention, assessing and counseling with home visits, career counseling, nurturing and similar efforts of benefit to the mothers and their children.

If you apply for sponsorship program, you will receive:
* A guidebook on sponsors will be sent within two weeks of application.
* Documents on supported children will be sent within two months of application.
* A report on a sponsored child's development will be sent once a year.
* Monthly newsletters and the annual report will be sent.

If you would like to support a mother and her child, please contact us to be matched. You can write directly to our director, Ms. Kang, Young Shil, with questions or to join this important support program. Please send your email to

- Account holder: Aeranwon, Shinhan Bank 140-000-037627
- SC First Bank (Swift Code: SCBLKRSE) 300-10-047560
- Donations will be credited to single moms' accounts on the 10th of each month.

Miss Mom's "Hope Tree" project started the second half of 2009 among our staff. There has been a matching of 26 families so far. Single moms, supported with thirty thousand won, fifty thousand won, ten thousand won, write letters to supporters at the end of the year. They also send reports on their children's development. Some sponsors have even increased their donations as they were touched by the letters. Aeranwon expects that more and more single moms can be helped with the One to One Sponsorship Program.