Ae Ran Won

Narae Alternative School

NaRae Alternative School was established at Aeranwon on July 1st, 2010, for female junior high and high school students who are at the risk of withdrawal from school due to pregnancy, based on article 1 of Educational Law. Now, female students no longer are expelled from public education because of pregnancy.

Narae Alternative School helps students:
1) realize a precious and unique sense of self
2) become independent
3) acquaint themselves with the roles of parent
4) to turn their lives all around.

- To establish students’ self-identity and recover interpersonal relationships
- To prevent the possibility of getting pregnant again and being impoverished because of withdrawal from education
- To help students to return to the school they originally attended by improving their adaptation capacity
- To develop students’ talent and aptitude
- To help students become independent and teach them the responsibilities of parents

What we educate

General subjects (teacher’s certificate holders):
- Korean, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science: 40%
- Alternative subjects (certificate relevant to certain subjects required): 60%

Career Education

career exploration, career experience, career mentoring


Preparation for ITQ, Hanguel, Excel

Management of Family and Law

live legislation, public welfare system, debt management, custody lawsuit, cooking, family life plan and management

Human Rights

human rights, coping with family violence, sexual abuse, child abuse etc.

Health Education

maternal health, healthcare before and after childbirth, health and safe sex life, birth control, mental health etc.

Culture Education

lectures on humanity and liberal arts, watching plays/ movies/concerts, visiting history museum, art museum, museum etc.

Parenting Education for Prospective Parents

prenatal education, being parents, parental role, child development etc.

Infant Care Education

caring 0~12 -month-old infants, 1~3-year old infant

Parenting Education

caring 3~6-year-old children


playing 1 instrument per person


drawing, ceramics, crafts