Ae Ran Won

Our Books

Our first book, I Wish for You a Beautiful Life, was published in 1999. In it, birth mothers write leters to their babies soon after giving birth. At the tijme the letters were written, most mothers planned adoption for their children, as keeping their babies in the fact of huge social pressures was just too difficult.

See more about I Wish for You a Beautiful Life on the publisher's page, where you can purchase a copy here.

Our second book is Dreaming a World: Korean Birth Mothers Tell Their Stories. In this book, birth mothers look back from the present to the time when they were pregnant and gave birth. Some of the chapters reflect on events of a few years ago, others go back 20 years or more. Some of the writers kept their babies, some chose adoption, including open adoption in Korea. All their stories are powerful and meaningful.

See more about Dreaming a World on the publisher's page, where you can purchase a copy here.

The first book has raised thousands of dollars for our group homes at Ae Ran Won, where women who have decided to keep their babies live. The new book has just been published early in 2010, and its proceeds will also benefit these same programs. We appreciate those who buy the books for themselves, and as gifts, not only for the money that will be raised, but for the fact that each reader will hear first hand the voices of birth mothers who are not often heard.