Ae Ran Won

After Having the Pre-Parental Education

When I found a baby in my body, my heart was beating. I could not get rid of the feelings like happiness, worries and unknown anxieties even when I finally calmed down myself.

I decided to enter Aeranwon for help before I deliver the baby and I had participated in parenting classes. I love babies but knew nothing about the way to bring them up. A weekly class taught me how to deal with a baby, touch and feed him, and even put him to sleep. If I did not take this class, I would not know anything about a baby even though these are so basic.

I was preparing to meet my baby one step at a time, and time flied. The moment I took this class was that I was tired of trying to communicate with the annoying baby. The class began just like having a chat with moms having similar age babies. It was not only me having a hard time. I realized that everyone had the same problems and worries. I also learned that how to deal with the situation and interact with my baby. I sometimes did not want to go to class because it was awkward for me to hang around with strangers. However, as time went by, my baby is 24 months old and it has been 1 year that I participated in this parenting class.

Now it is important for me to go to class and I even wait for the day. I look forward to seeing moms like me and the teacher who knows about my baby’s problems. Just the thought of the class makes me happy.

I used to be a person who just likes babies but now I know the way to communicate with the baby and become curious about him. I strongly recommend that every mom has a chance to take this class. It would be great that if people realize how much the parenting education has affected me and the baby. The education helps relieve stress from raising a kid. I truly appreciate Aeranwon about offering me the parenting lectures.

If it hadn’t been for the programs of Aeranwon, I would have been angry with my kid and had a hard time.

I took the class just last week, but I am already excited to have another class. The program helps me find myself and makes me happy.

지혜 맘 반 Lee Han hee